Stabilizer and Pen editing (bitmap)

Hello I really like this program but I find it troublesome when I can’t get smooth lines in this program when I want to make lineart for my animations. I feel when I want to make a good looking animation, I should at least have smooth lines. Also it would be really awesome if you could add a option to precisely edit your Pen tools to the desired tip width and density etc.

@Yozakame Hi, the current “stabilizer” is a misnomer, it’s more like an digitizer input jitter filter. A true stabilizer has been requested before but we don’t really know when this might become available, however thanks for asking.

As for the pen tool I’ve asked for this and it’s in the roadmap. Eventually we hope this can happen.

Some people tend to use the polyline tool with the automatic bezier option for inking like this guy (it’s in spanish sorry):

That said if you’re looking for a professional ready tool to lineart your drawings, try roughing out your animation in Pencil2D and then export the keyframes to Krita and use their lineart tools, they have a lot of stabilizer options, a pen tool and more. This at elast so you don’t get frustrated with Pencil2D and so you can finish your current work.

I personally always mix software to this end. Krita has an animation timeline (it’s less intuitive though) but it will help you to load the images exported from Pencil2D easily. Then once you’re done you can export them back into Pencil2D or to a video editor to finalize your work :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again for your comment and suggestions!

Thanks so much for your speedy response, I do like the idea of mixing software and i really like Krita but it’s very …Very unstable and laggy on my computer to the point where it’s entirely unworkable. I own Clip Studio paint pro

@Yozakame No problem. by the way If you own CSP, then go for that without a doubt. Maybe it’s not my place to say so, but CSP is definitely one of the best commercial applications for drawing, inking and coloring. Animation is a bit unintuitive, but it has interoperability with OpenToonz which is also free (but it is a bit buggy if you’re doing non-standard things) and it’s used by freelance animators and some japanese studios to mimic their workflow (which is a shame because it lacks efficiency stacking layers like CSP does but that’s a rant for another thread)

Recently I was asking for the team to consider supporting the CSP X-sheet format for a future feature that will come into Pencil2D, but it’s too early for that.

To get an image sequence into CSP Pro, you may not be able to use the timeline (only 1 second tops AFAIK)

So the best workaround I can think of would be to:

  1. import all the sequenced images as layers into a PSD (this can be done using krita)
  2. Open and work with the layered PSD on CSP (make sure each layer corresponds to a single frame, so merge everything before exporting, and save a new copy in case you want to go back to fix something)
  3. Do use the timeline in CSP to clean-up and check multiple frames at a time, but don’t worry about arranging the whole animation in the tiny timeline.
  4. Once you’re done, re-open the final PSD on Krita and use the embedded script tool to export layers as individual images (the answer is the one below the accepted one)
  5. With the individual layers exported import that into a video editor and finalize your animation with sound.

While this sounds complicated, the krita middleware part is super easy and quick. This way you’d be using the best of CSP and Pencil2D would simply help to quickly rough out or plan stuff :slight_smile:

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