Speed slows down

I’m using the Pencil version from the end of september nightly build. I have two vector layers. One is the animation one is the background. When I run the animation layer by itself it goes at the proper speed. As soon as I add the background layer the animation slows down. Any reason for this?

Maybe too much data is slowing down your PC? Does the playback scroll(the red vertical bar) slow down or does it move at a normal speed and the animation itself lags to be played on the canvas?

@kenbastard Hi Ken, is the background layer using some kind of multiple color fill or is it full of vector lines? It is indeed a weird situation, so In order for the developers to pinpoint the issue, we might have to ask you to share the file (you can send me a link privately as a profile message) so I can investigate and escalate the report to the devs if needed.

Another thing you might want to know, after september we found that the vector tools were not saving the pressure sensitivity that was initially drawn. this was fixed in October 30th and beyond versions, so if you require pressure sensitive vector artwork to be saved you could grab the latest versions.

HOWEVER also bear in mind that from October 30th up until now the developers have been working on the program as much as possible to get ready for a proper release version, so the latest development versions might be a bit glitchy in comparison.

If you don’t require this pressure sensitivity fix or if we determine that your current issue is not a bug (after investigating it), then I’d advise you to keep it until the new release is announced.

For now I’ll be pending confirmation on your file, so we can properly see what’s happening.