Sounds do not play simultaneously

Having same problem. if audio don’t play simultaneously with animation how can we make movement in animation to play it same as audio. it can very usefull if both play simultaneously.

@Swati_Garje Hi. Just in case it’s not obvious, do not attempt to have multiple files on the same layer. Create multiple sound layers instead and add your files on each one accordingly.

Even if the sounds are not required to be playing simultaneously, while you can import them on the same layer it’s otherwise recommended to use different layers to make multiple sounds work at the same time.

Now, that issue is different from the one on this thread, please always open a new thread if your issue is “new” or different. The problem for this person was already solved and it is hard for us to track answers burrowed on existing solved threads. I’m going to move your question to a new thread for now.

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