Sound Imports as a single frame

hello! could you make the video public? I’m having the same issue as well :/

(this is from five years ago? :0

@Key Hi. Sorry for the delay, I was not available during the week. This thread should be closed since the original issue was solved but seems that it wasn’t.

I’ll also move your reply to a new thread just in case.

Anyway, If you’re having trouble importing sounds, please download the latest publicly development version found here

Try to import your sound as if it was the first time and let us know if it works or not so we can begin the troubleshooting process to find out how to help.

@Key I noticed in the original thread you commented the actual video that I posted back then was not showing. I managed to find it and relink it.

I also added another video that has a troubleshooting guide for audio and an explanation on how to use the audio scrubbing feature in case you need that.

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