Sound file not being properly imported

I re-exported my song that was an mp3 file to a WAV file but its still only 1 frame. Can u help me with this? Thx

@ParadoxBoi Hi. I’ve been told sometimes restarting Pencil2D after saving the file, will reload the sound properly, however if this doesn’t work try creating a second keyframe after the first one that’s empty on the same sound layer and import the sound again.

Also try to import the file in two ways 1. by going to File > Import > sound 2. By pressing the “Add frame” button to load the file on the active sound layer.

Another thing we learned recently is that not having proper codecs on your operating system can lead to sound not playing back properly, so we recommend you also install Audacity, the free audio editor ( just so you can have their codecs pack installed as well as their free MP3 L.A.M.E codec.

If nothing else works, please upload your Pencil2D file and the actual sound file to a file sharing service you can use (e.g google drive, wetransfer, dropbox) and drop us a link here so the devs can take a look.

In my case I’ll try to import the sound into the file you share and if it works for me i’ll send back the file so you can test if it still shows or not for you.

I also realised that the 1 frame appears before I even import the song, is that normal?

@ParadoxBoi Unfortunately yes it has been normal, though we are currently treating that as a bug and I’ve already reported that odd behavior a few weeks back. Ideally a keyframe should not be created until you actually load the sound.

Mk, hopefully u get the problem fixed soon because my animations are just silent and boring without the music.

@ParadoxBoi Umm, did you try the various troubleshooting steps I sent on the previous comment from before?

Also, currently you could use a video editor to add sound and music after the animation is made. You don’t really need to wait for Pencil2D to fix the bugs, as it’s unsure how much time that will take (i’m not a developer so i can’t give you an exact time frame sorry).

oh ok, also yes I did all methods and none of them work but I will use the video editor to import the sound there like u told me too

but its kinda hard to sync music that way

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