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Hello! First I apologize for my english which is kinda bad (french baguette you know).

It’s been only some months that I use Pencil 2D and I find it really cool but recently I tried to create an animation to match with a music. I imported the mp3 file on a sound layer, create a key on the image layer to see if it was working but it doesn’t. The sound doesn’t sound… I tried to delete and reinstall Pencil 2D but it was still the same. Also, I was surprised because the sound file is only on one key, like, it doesn’t spread on all the animation. Should I “spread” it on all the animation? And if this is the solution, how am I supposed to do?

I hope you’ll be able to help me, I’m drowning into despair… :confused:

Okaaay update guys; actually I just had to use a wav file instead of a mp3 file, now it works!

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@Angae Good to see you managed to workaround this problem. Unfortunately MP3 is very unpredictable as some files produced by certain audio software can spit out a file that uses patented codecs, and since we use open source technology there are only some that can be read properly, or at least that’s my understanding of this problem.

We usually recommend audacity ( to convert to WAV or re-enconde to MP3 using the L.A.M.E codec (this will be automatic when you re-export to mp3)

Also in the upcoming version MP3 compatibility has been improved, but to be honest from a professional point of view i’d still recommend using WAV wherever possible.

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