Something has happened

I was going back into pencil 2d to do some animation and when I open it this happens

Do u know how to fix it? I tried restarting the app and my PC but it wouldn’t work. I might use a different animating app until u solve the problem. Thx!

It’s the first time seeing this. Even look at the resolution you captured this in.

@ParadoxBoi Are you from an eastern country or do you speak arabic? if not it’s just that your application language got switched inadvertedly.

  1. Go to the top bar menu
  2. Press the second menu option from left to right.
  3. When the menu opens go to the last option and press it. The preferences windows should open.
  4. On the window that opened go to the right hand side, and you’ll see a dropdown list. Click it and select English. Then restart Pencil2D.

It should go back to the default language.

I was going to comment the same thing here.

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