[SOLVED] PLS this needs to Be fixed ASAP

https://gyazo.com/e04fbc0818314473fa30a1f36e3f955d See this!! while working i accidently clicked shift and dragged (due to using so many different softwares i get confuses ), now it started to crash always for no reason i have to do a ctrl+s for very single detail i draw so that i might not loose my progress !! i know everything still under dev but if this could be fixed that would help alot another Thing open recent files menu is broken

Hi Ahmed

You seem to be using a very old version of Pencil2D, a lot has been fixed since the 0.5.4 beta. You should grab the latest version from google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0BxdcdOiOmg-CcWhLazdKR1oydHM

Well Thx alot, i wasn’t paying attention to updates