[SOLVED] Movie Layer Problems

Howdy! I’m new here and I need some help. When I’m using my camera layer, it looks like this:

When it should look like this:

Can anyone help me fix this?

@universalawkwardduck Hi, thank you for writing. Well, devs will be looking in the future how to improve this behaviour, however this is not an error in the program itself.

What’s happening is that When you select the camera layer, it will make the camera fit the size of it’s current resolution. So for example, if you set it to be 1920 x 1080, once you click on the camera layer, it will match that resolution on your screen. If you also have the same resolution set for your desktop (1920x1080), it will become as big as your monitor screen space, and all the panels will cover camera frame, which is why it looks “bigger”.

The problem then that when you move your camera with the zoom, hand or rotate functions, you are literally moving the digital camera viewfinder and Pencil2D interprets that as motion information. Note that you can animate the camera this way when you move the layer on different frames as it will interpolate between changes.

To move the VIEW only, so you can draw, you have to select any other layer and use the commands. If you want to move the camera you have to select the camera layer and use the hand tool to pan, the zoom commands to track in or out and you can even rotate the camera by using the rotate canvas command.

Either way you don’t need to worry, when you export your video it will output exactly what the camera is framing, it won’t come out bigger than the resolution you specified for it.

If you require to move your camera you need to plan the movement FIRST. Normally animators do it by using layout paper, but digitally you can draw some guidelines on a different layer to mark the place where the camera starts and ends it’s motion.

Hopefully in the future this behavior can become more clear, but it will take time i’m afraid.