[solved] I can't Paste Selections

I Downloaded the newest version, but It wont let me Paste selections.
If i cut a selection it disappears like normal, but Ctrl-V or going into to Edit to paste Doesn’t work.

It works fine in the newest Nightly build, but when I draw lines It makes a weird circle at the end of them, and It keeps crashing. I have also tried using Copy instead of Cut.

I’m on Windows 10

@Dylz49 Hi. Please download a development build from October 14th. This issue was already fixed there. We’ll be working towards releasing a new stable maintenance version but it will take a while, so for now that dev build is currently the most stable development version:

Here’s a direct link to October 14th Nightly Build for Windows 64bits systems: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-kZs1-OMhX8E2bc4rYLcP8hCkJH-2-4B

Note: Do not use any other newer version as developers are fixing a few issues with tablet events.

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