[SOLVED] I can't export my animation into a movie


I need help right now with my animation. I’m trying to export my animation into a movie, I’ve already got all the frames in place, but it won’t export. Whenever I try to export it, the export bar goes to 99%… then stops and crashes. Everytime. I don’t know how to do this and I worked really hard on it. I don’t want this effort go to waste.

What I’m thinking is that my animation is too long? It’s about 2857 keys/frames. I’m not sure if that’s too much, but it would be helpful if I could get a response. Thanks!

I’ve also tried to export it as a image sequence, but it doesn’t work either. And I also don’t want to because I’ve already put all the frames in order to an audio that I pre-recorded. Thanks.

Hi picklesonmayo

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, which version of Pencil2D are you using?
Did you grab the nightly build or are you using the old 0.5.4b version?

@fregteg6452 Please, please please, be careful, your animation is too long even for a professional software. Adobe Flash / Animate would crash with that length, believe or not. First of all, create a backup copy of your pencil2d files, just copy and paste the file and folder (if there’s any) elsewhere. This will prevent a crash from wiping out your animation.

Second, like CandyFace states, please make sure you are using the latest development version, if you use version 0.5.4, IT WILL CRASH AND DELETE YOUR FILES, because it had stability issues. If you don’t know how to download and “install” the newer versions please watch this video:

Third, after making the backup, for an animation this long, you need a lot of RAM memory, so my suggestion is to split the file in half at least. First 1000~ or so frames in one file, the rest in a different file, then joining that up in a video editor (there are free solutions for this).

If you insist in trying to export with just one file, we can’t guarantee success considering the software is still maturing and needs optimization for this kind of scenarios.

Please let me know how it goes so we can see how to help you out in case all else fails.


I will take your advice next time, thanks for responding. I did work, but only when I decreased the size and exported it on a different computer. And, yes I am also using the latest Pencil 2D (Nightly Build). Thanks!