[SOLVED] How does one HD

How do you guys export your animations in the best quality. For my last animations I exported on camera layer of 680X420 then put it into AVS video editor to export in HD 1080p. Then export in windows movie maker with the same setting (because of editing reasons).

The quality ends up being lower and It would be cool if someone could tell me if its cause of my initial resolution, or all the exporting. And it would also be cool if u guys told me how u make your stuff in good quality.

Also I tried putting my camera layer in HD dimensions then making my animation like that, but its too big for my screen, even after removing all the gadgets on the side.

Hy. i m not sure they really is a solution right now. can you increase screen resolution?
are you 100% sure you need full HD?
You should compare a frame export and your final clip to see if they is a big difference.


If i’m reading your post right, you’re trying to create a 1080p video from 420p frames. This is always going to look bad, no matter what software or settings you use, unless the exported frames are vectors. Bitmaps don’t scale either up or down without losing definition. If you want to create HD video (unless you’re using all vectors from start to finish) you should start with HD; set your camera layer to a high resolution.

Unfortunately there is still the issue (as far as i know) of the camera frame being lost outside the window when it’s set to a resolution higher than will fit within the window. I’m not sure if there has been anything done to make it easier to handle yet.

The export module will be totally rewritten in the next version.


Cool! Good luck with that.

Will The camera layer have any adjustments? I use a 15.6 inch screen so i can make it HD size.

Oh nvm. After some tests i see how the exporting works. So yea good luck with that! I’m gonna be so happy once you guys fix that. Keep up teh gewd sauce!