[SOLVED] Help with Vector Layers

I think I understand vector layers. However I can not figure out how to prevent them from changing colors when I change the color wheel. Is there anything I can do?

@auwimo Hi Austin! It is sadly not apparent but the vector coloring works differently from other painting software and more like an animation software like the industry standard Toonboom Harmony.

Normally since production times are budgeted you need to color efficiently. So you get a color model, and then create a palette with multiple colour swatches, each for a specific color for your scene.

So for example you have green grass, red bricks, yellow sun, blue sky. That’s 4 different colors. And on Pencil2D you would need to have those 4 different colors named.

This “global color” system allows you to change at any point in time the color of vector elements in not only one but any number of frames that have suck swatch applied.

So basically you have to budget your colors and create new swatches for each individual color you want to apply. This is not a bug, and it may seem like a chore but again this is what big animation studios do.

If you have more questions I’ll be glad to answer.

So I want to do vector layers last?