[SOLVED] Another creepy message

This time it’s a bot called Ester, should we make a list so we can just keep everyone up to date without spamming the forums to warn people?

I have received the same message.

I believe everybody will have the opportunity to notice that those messages are far from real, and so will not try to respond to the author…

It is always about sending “pictures” and “images”… don´t fall for it :smiley:

Take care everybody

I flagged her as spammer.
Could you tell me if her message still appears in your inboxes ?
I don’t know if I still can see them because I’m the admin or if Wordpress shows them even if the author is flagged…

@gordie Yes I got an inbox form her on Nov 2, and I still can see it there. (I had not deleted it in case I could mark her as spammer myself, but it seems I can’t)

Sorry, I was checking and saw that I had not flagged her.
I’ve done it now, can you confirm you can see her messages in your inbox ?
If yes, i’ll report it to the buddyPress developers team.