So I'm making a Discord called Animation Motivation

Would anyone like to join?

I don’t have many animator friends online or at home, so I figured why not make a discord where newbie and old animators could hang out, find people to work with, give and get advice, and find some good resources for animators.

I want to know if anyone would want to join before I post the link (partly so I don’t look like a clever scam), and I want to apologize in advance, I’ve never ran a Discord before, so it’ll be a mess. I’m sorry.

Looks intriguing. So what are we talking about really? Before joining, I would like to know what you suggest!

Well I want it to be a place where animators can keep each other motivated, share projects and resources, do challenges, hang out, etc.

Right now My friends and family don’t care if I don’t finish a project, I don’t have anyone encouraging me or scolding me if I don’t finish something. I figured that a lot of other artist must have the same problems, so why not make a discord that could help with it? I’m really bad at explaining, so I’m sorry if I’m not getting my idea across.

I’m still setting it up, but maybe looking at it would help explain? You can leave if it’s really bad. It’s still a mess, so any advice on how to make it better would help. Sorry.

@fuzbrain I think it’s a good idea. I’d suggest organizing a detailed list of exactly what your purpose is, which kinds of objectives you want to fulfill and how you intend to carry it on. Think of it as a small company.

Also discord suggests to create channels specifically for different roles, in order to better organize whoever arrives. So if you haven’t read these articles about that:

So why not to make a regular animation competition right here on this site? We can determine a specific theme for competition, set a deadline, establish a vote rules. The winner get right to determine a theme for the next competition. Isn’t it a motivation?

@pierrot This is something I’ve been thinking on for quite some time. Though I’ve always wanted to give a small monetary incentive, I’ve been working out how we could do that along the idea to create “bountys” for developers to help boost the progress further by using this site:

In the meantime this event could work solely as “a means to motivate” a possitive change in the community but also as a way to push the software further.

I also wanted to make a demo reel of what the program is capable of, which has also been suggested a few times in the past, but we have no “recent” works to show. So if there’s enough flare we can create mini videos showcasing the winners while sharing everything through Pencil2D’s social networks.

Jose, I know you as a a dedicated man. But you know, that frame-by-frame animation is hard for most beginners and therefore, not popular for average man. Usually people use some sort of vector editors with inbetween technology and differens visual effects. Pencil for now is like a classic XX-century animation stand. It’s just for the enthusiasts. But animation made by hands, frame-by-frame looks more alive, and that’s why I love it and ready to work for the benefit of Pencil without any monetary. To connect the community for the general case we need some motivation. I don’t understand, how this social network can help. I suggest to make a contest of animation similar to what is on this website:
I think that local developers will be more motivated if they will see that Pencil become more popular for more animators. Nobody want to work on the software which nobody use. That’s what I think.

@pierrot I understand what you are saying, but even though I agree that no one wants to use a software that no one else uses, we would still need an incentive exactly because no one wants to use Pencil2D for anything that goes beyond a hobby.

The “Show me the animation” event does give prizes to their winners, although they do it yearly on a “best of” match category, which would be a nice idea if we managed to implement this.

I also agree that Pencil2D is on the thin line that divides their users between the traditional and technological. I really want Pencil2D to have proper technology, but just to the point not to confuse or impede the artistic creation with technological obstacles.

I’ll think of an structured proposal way to make this kind of event happen and then I’ll present it for discussion here and on the facebook page, so we can receive proper feedback from developers and users alike.

Thanks a lot for all the suggestions and positive energy!! :smiley:

hi, i cannot join the discord, is there something wrong with it?

@Valet probably her discord server invite expired, or the server was taken down. Maybe @fuzbrain can tell us more.

If you’re looking for the Pencil2D server though, you can find the direct link on