So how is pencil2d coming along?

I am curious because I want to donate, however when I have done this in the past I have been disappointed a few times by projects that ended up grinding to a halt (VLMC comes to mind). So I want to make sure this isn’t a waste of money.

Is the current Pencil2D any different from the current software I can get from the original pencil site? If not, when do you guess you will have something for us to try out?

Thank You

Hi ! The developper is still working on this. You’ll get news when it’s out if you subscribe to the newsletter !

Where is the newsletter located? Or are you referring to the blog?

@Ben Burger : just at your right, in the sidebar !

Double post sorry

Ah I see! Though it seems I keep getting an error when I try to subscribe:

“Error Sending Message Confirm your subscription to Pencil2D opensource animation software to (Removed) | Could not execute: (/usr/sbin/sendmail)”.

Indeed, there was a bug, thanks for reporting it !
It has now been fixed.


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