Smudge Tool

I don’t get it, others using this tool worked fine but when I use this tool it doesnt seem what I expected to be… is this really what smudge tool offer?? or is it just my 32 bit computer?

@chass Sorry man, but the smudge tool is “in the works” Right now it’s not working as expected for bitmap layers. For vector layers however the finger tool dos work as intended, since it helps to move the vector points on a stroke. Just so you know.

You might ask, When will the smudge tool become “fixed”? To be honest I can’t really say. It might take a while.

Oh the other hand there’s always been a desire to implement MyPaint’s tools for painting (and smudging) so I can’t say for sure if the tool will get fixed at all, or if we ware going to wait for that integration to happen

If you however require animated distortion effects. I’d probably suggest, from a professional standpoint, to use a video compositing software. There are some that are free and powerful, like Natron or Blender3D’s Compositing Module. If you want to check them out.

As a last question, would you mind telling us what would you use the smudge tool for? Maybe this can help us to review if it’s actually needed to fix that tool or not. Thanks for reading!

The only use the smudge tool has is in the vector layer. Draw something with the pen tool, select smudge and then edit the vector points.

@morr I was trying the smudge tool in the latest update, Didn’t really have intentions of using it anyways, but It’ll be so useful in the future for an artistic animation. That’s all tho.