Smoothing dem bitmap lines

It would be cool if you guys can somehow with your programming magic make a weight slider for the pen tool which causes the pen tool to move faster than the actual line. GIMP has something like this where if you were to select certain drawing tools, they have a smoothing option called weight. It helps me a lot when it comes to making smooth lines and would be cool if you guys could somehow include that.


Also if you guys could make it so that you can flip a pasted or selected portion of an image, that would be nice. And then a lasso select tool would be quite dandy.

Sorry if this is asking for a lot, i have no idea how programming works.

This is all for bitmap layers. Keep up the good work!

PS: Do you guys prefer using bitmap or vector, or a combination of both?

Personally I like to use a mix of both for final lines though I like using lines without any weight, helps keep the frames of animations more consistent.


But yeah I like the smooth idea. Much like Lazy Mouse features in other programs.

In MyPaint it’s called slow position tracking (some brushes that use it are called “delayed” or “slow”). For a long time i never knew the point of it, but it does help when you need a very smooth bitmap curve (and if your hands aren’t terribly steady).

Vector art has a couple of benefits: it’s scalable, so if your whole project is vector you can render it at any resolution with no loss of quality, and it has an inherently cleaner look. Generally I prefer working with raster graphics…it’s just more enjoyable, easier to add texture, feels more natural to me.