Smoothen Lines?

A tool you should add is the ability to highlight certain lines, and smooth them out. Like it converts your lines to polyline-like smoothness. That’d be very helpful. Love the program!


The vector layer works with entirely smooth lines already, so you can work with that in the meantime. I usually make a sketch animation on a bitmap layer, and then do smooth inks on the vector layer.

Is there a way to adjust the smoothing of vector lines while drawing?


Yes, there is.
Go EDIT >> PREFERENCES >> Here at the bottom there is the EDITING vector curve smoothing.

Thanks very much. That helps a lot. Maybe that feature should be more easily accessed on the tool?

Is there a way once a pen vector line has been drawn to vary the line width? I am using my Cintiq tablet but when pressure is selected the initial line width is very small even if I press hard and often the line remains very small for several points after drawing. This wouldn’t be a problem if I can change the line width after drawing the line. Alternatively can I add new points to an existing vector line?


Vector layers features are not fully extended in Pencil2D. I am not aware of a “trick” to do that modification on a vector line, nor to add points to an existent line.

I am actually using the last build (from March2015) and Vector features are not taken so much into consideration by myself since I like to test Raster features instead. :slight_smile:

Let us wait to see if someone else has something new to say about it