sliders also manipulated with the keyboard ? / Bitmap canvas size

2 new problems I found while working with Pencil:

  1. It would be handy if the options numbers of the ‘Size’ and ‘Feather’ sliders good be also manipulated with the keyboard so they could be meticulous adjustable.
  2. An other problem is that it’s impossible to see what the Bitmap canvas size is on with someone can draw.

The Camera Layer shows this perfectly, but when you go to the
Bitmap layer the visual size of the canvas is gone.
There’s only a white space without any corners.

Maybe the grit option can show the canvas format on the Bitmap layer
on with the animator prefers to draw.

But without doubt…
Its very promising what happens with the beautifull Pencil tool.

So ‘thumps up’ for all the people who works so hard on it!
Specially Matt Chang and Giovanni Gasperetto!

Sorry again for my terrible English writing:(
I’m Dutch so it’s not my native language.

Yeahhh Aardman246 !

No problem for ur english, we understand. (I’am French ^^).

Yours " problems " are very interesting ! I will modify this !

Good day People :slight_smile:

@aardman246 : related to topics change the way sliders are working and document size & camera layer ?