Shortcut files can't be deleted

I have recently downloaded Pencil2D and am fiddling with settings to get used to the software. When I save shortcut preferences I have to save a file for the shortcuts, with the extension name .pcls. I am unable to delete these files in any way via file explorer. Does anyone know why this happens?

@vivilua sometimes operating systems might think certain unknown files are considered system files, even if they aren’t. If you are under windows you might need to show hidden files as seen in this guide and also show the file formats / extensions

You have to find the folder where you stored the pencil shorcut file and then delete it. Obviously if you have Pencil2D open and you’re using that file, it won’t allow you to delete it because it’s using it and due to basic computer principles files that are being used (accessed) by either the operating system or an application can’t be deleted until they aren’t. So try closing Pencil2D before deleting and if you still can’t reboot your computer and try again.

It’s possible that since it’s an unknown filetype your antivirus could also kicked in and it’s scanning it with a real time protection sub-program, in that case you won’t be able to delete the file either since it would be used by the AV (as explained above)

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