shift and trace

hi and thx for this wonderful software,

I use animate pro and yet I feel very happy to switch to pencil once in a while again because it’s a great little software, one thing that would be great is to have the ability to do some kind of shift and trace. and related to that, the possibility of having a more advanced onion skinning option would be fantastic, thx again


What does shift and trace do? It sounds cool…

“shift and trace” allows an animator to shift freely and momentarily a drawing(s) onto another one(s) in order to trace your drawing(s) more accurately, more alike. it’s very useful when doing in betweens and more generally to keep your characters on model. it’s very well implemented in TVPAINT, in toon boom Animate pro, it’s not bad either even though not as easy.

@pierrepencil : It’s difficult to imagine, have you got a video or something we could see to have a more accurate idea of what you’re talking about ?