Every time I click new key frame the shadow/outline from the previous frame doesn’t carry over. I’m unable to see what I drew in the frame before unless I actually go back and look at that frame. Can someone please help?

@computerdudegio Hi. Umm you have to enable the onion skin function. You can use the menu > VIEW > Onion Skin > Previous Frame. You can also see the shortcut there.

If it’s still not working go to view > preferences > tools and review if the onion skin settings are correct. Like how many frames it covers and how much transparency it shows.

There’s also a set of buttons in the display panel that allow you to activate the onion skin “ghost”, as well as tint it.

You have to be careful if you are using a full image you imported because the onion skin will consider all the pixels in a frame, not only the lines you draw, so it’s recommended you draw separate lines on a different layer if you are using an image as reference (i.e put simply, don’t draw on an imported image but draw on a different layer)

The “onion skin” button in the timeline DOES NOT activate onion skin, it’s used to change the behavior of the onion skin to show previous/next frames (only keyframes) vs previous/next drawings (all frames)

wow, thank you. I will try that.