Set resolution, selection rotation, and images uploading. [request]

This is a request to add…

  1. Set image resolution

  2. Selection rotation

  3. The ability to add images from your computer to add to the background.


These are all features that I think should be added.

@guyman5047 Hmm. Let me see if this answers to your requests:

Please visit this thread:

And download either of the Nightly Builds: for Windows or for MAC.

In this newer versions, you can:

  1. Double click the camera to change size resolution (notice we don’t work with print so there’s no advantage to have a DPI modifier)

  2. Use the selection tool over a piece. Pick the “move tool” (black arrow) and press CTR+Drag inside the selection to rotate the drawing. Note that this only works in vector layers. (So your request would be valid for bitmap layers :slight_smile: )

  3. This one is a bit redundant because you can create a new bitmap layer. Select the layer you want the image to be imported on and go to File > Import > Image. Then browse for the image you want and use it as a background for your animation.

You can also go to Edit > Preferences > General > Window Opacity and lower the opacity of the program User Interface to trace any image that is on your desktop.

Note that 1) & 3) are available in the current version of Pencil that you can download from the website (0.5.4b)

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Nevermind, Jose just answered all your questions.