Set Layer opacity?

So how do I go about doing this, I have a rough layer and a ‘better’ layer that will be drawn over top, I need the rough layer to be less visible…

@PsychotropicDog Hey. Well layer opacity is already on the feature roadmap, however there is no ETA at the moment. For a workaround what I do is either:

  1. Create a middle layer and fill it with a solid color that has a lower alpha i.e less than 255 which is fully opaque.
  2. Work the sketch and the final version of your drawings as keyframes and then copy the final version to a different layer. For this you’d have to use the onion skin feature to control the opacity. To access the onion skin opacity you have to visit the menu EDIT > PREFERENCES > TOOLS > Onion skin Section > Change the maximum opacity to a desired value.
  3. The most cheap trick I can think of, is to make your sketch with a color that has a really low alpha value (a light blue works well), even while using a pressure sensitive graphics tablet, and then your final drawing on the top layer would be finalized with a color that is fully opaque.

got it… a light colored slightly transparent layer to fake it. Good enough.