Selection Tools, Frame grouping, and rotate key frames

Hi again, I was working on an animatic in Pencil2D, and noticed a few issues with moving frames around. For a future version of Pencil 2D, can you add some sort of grouping for key frames, so they can be moved all at one time? Also, can the grouping feature be added to multiple layers as well, so all key frames in the group (including multiple layers) can be moved at one time.

Secondly, as far as selection tools are concerned, can you also add a lasso tool and a wand tool as well, in addition to adding a slider to adjust the tolerance of the wand tool.

And finally, can you all also add the ability to rotate objects as key frames?

I really enjoyed the recent build, can’t wait for 0.6.5. Thanks for the hard work and dedication!

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Hi @DJSAnimation100, You can select a frame by clicking on it, and it turns dark gray. If you hold down the Ctrl key, you can select multiple frames, and if you select one key, hold down the Shift key, and click on the last frame, the whole lot is selected.

If you select a drawing, change to the move tool, hold down the Ctrl key and drags inside the selection, you can rotate the drawing freely.

Lasso tool (and maybe magic wand too) is on our wanted list, but we don’t know when it’ll be.

Thanks for the suggestions.


@DJSAnimation100 Along with what David has indicated if you press the ALT key when clicking on a single keyframe, all the keyframes after it on the timeline will move as a block. Think of it as the “ripple” effect in video editors where all cuts move respecting their relative positions.

I’m sure this behavior could be escalated to multiple layers once the base capability of multi-layer manipulation is implemented.

Regarding the lasso tool, this one has certainly been requested for a long time, unfortunately that doesn’t make it any less simpler to create, or so it seems (i’m not a professional programmer so i can’t say for sure).

Of course this doesn’t mean there aren’t other important improvements being done right now. There’s a long backlog that’s being sorted, and for example our devs are developing a new Undo/Redo system as well as realizing the MyPaint brush engine integration, both which are massive changes and require considerable testing and time.

I think (and hope) that for versions after 0.6.5 or 0.6.6 we will be able to consider improving the fundamental tools Pencil2D has, so these kind of hot requested improvements will come ASAP :+1:

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Sounds like a good idea! I’m up for it!

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