Selecting tool problem

Hello, here I am again. I have a problem with the selecting tool. I will give you an example: I want to make a bouncing ball. First I made circle and copied the circle. After that I got to the next frame and pasted the ball. I selected the selecting tool and selected the circle and then I pressed the M key to move the circle. But when I click on the circle to move it, the onion skin dissepears. And when I release my finger the onion skip appears. It is annoying because I can’t see my previous frame to move the circle. Pleasseeee Help me.

@animator Yes, this is currently a bug. The developers are aware of it however there’s no current workaround.

Since even with a light table traditional animators are used to flip the paper, what I personally do is try to gauge visually where the object is with the onion skin on and then point my eyes to where I want it to be, the drag it there and when i stop clicking I’ll see the onion skin again and compare.

That said, this does require fixing so it will hopefully come for the next version.