Selecting a Layer crashes Pencil2D

Grabbing any layer (bitmap, vector, camera, sound) to the bottom of the Layers panel crashes Pencil2D


I was trying to replicate your bug (it seemed like an easy one), but I can’t.

Which version of software, OS, etc, exactly the steps need to replicate.


Sure @jonasthomas

I forgot to mention all the steps to this bug:

  1. Open Pencil2D
  2. Go and Grab the bitmap layer
  3. Go to the end of the Layer Panel and leave it NOT right over the Camera Layer (last layer default) but leave ONE EMPTY space in between: it will show an horizontal line (see the picture provided)

It will crash at that time

Using Win8.1x64bits

Check please if this is a bug for you too. Thanks

Issue Moving Layers

I suspect you might not be running the latest build. In the version I’m running the bitmap is the default startup layer not the camera. Could you download the latest daily build and give it another try. (It’s possible that I might be ahead of the daily build.)


Author: Matt <> 2016-01-13 03:56:04
Committer: Matt <> 2016-01-13 03:56:04
Parent: b2bdb90c4d83fa1f545423996a6060f30ff8ed71 (Merge pull request #421 from CandyFace/new-features)
Branches: master, remotes/pencil2dMaster/master

Block signals before update UI values.




My English is not good enough for reporting Bugs. That is why I cancelled my account on GitHub (aka Carlosgf, Ghost) just few days ago because I was felling that most of the 80 bugs reported by me where not well understood because I lack the knowledge to write small lines with clear ideas, and so most of them were not clearly understood by developers in order to try them. And the developers were working hard by the way, and there was no need to give them more work like trying to understand what f*** thing I was talking about

Well, I will try to make myself understood for you, and other developers. I “report” this issue having the latest build from @Matt, and I also checked it with the MasterCode from GitHub. Both results clearly says: Pencil2D crashes every time I follow the steps provided on my previous comment. Now I changed “step #3” in order for you to get this bug in your computer

Here the steps:
#1. Open Pencil2D
#2. Go and Grab the bitmap layer (it can be ANY LAYER, bitmap, vector, camera, sound)
#3. With the layer grabbed on the tip of your mouse/pen, go ALL DOWN till you reach the VERY BOTTOM of your screen. I am not talking about to just move the layer to a place right below the camera layer and leave it there. NO. What I am saying is to grab the layer and leave it AT THE BOTTOM of your screen, meaning FAR AWAY from the Camera Layer already presented there (which I wrote “last layer default”, meaning the CameraLayer is the last layer if you count the bitmaplayer as the first one when using the default setup)

If you still don’t get it, do the following before step #3: resize the Timeline grabbing it UP to the middle of the screen. Here you will have more visibility for you to grab the bitmap layer and then leave it FAR away from the “last” layer (bottom) on the layer panel

So, next thing to do is to check the picture I provided

Using Win8.1x64bits

I really hope this help.

Ok, I got it. It’s not so much your description as my lack of understanding. You didn’t something that I wouldn’t normally do. (That’s a really good bug catch) It can be very difficult to verbalize what’s happening on a graphical screen. (English is my native tongue and I have difficulties) Perhaps it might be easier to just run some screen capture animation software and just post that… I know of some screen capture tools for Linux, but I don’t work that much in windows at home… (perhaps someone could make some recommendations)
Bug confirmed, happening in Linux also…

Arigatou gozaimasu



That is really a good idea. Next time I will have an screen capture for bugs. Didn’t think about that!


Jose Moreno gave me a tip to try screen capturing with Open Broadcasting Software ( and it works beautifullly on my 64 bit machine. Unfortunatly I also have a older 32 bit latop where it fails to run because of the bad graphics card it has. If some of you also can’t get OBS working with your Windows machine you can try Debut Video Capture Software ( it works great on my machine with the crappy graphics card.


@Kaiko This should fix the problem:

Matt will need to review it and if agrees merge it. Good luck with your surgery btw

Good… a fast fix! :slight_smile:

And thank you about the surgery!


I realized that I already have an screen recorded software on my old things. I will instead give it a try since I was used to work with it.

Thanks any way. You just helped me to remember! :slight_smile:

This Bug is already fixed! (21Feb2016)


(Hei @morr, would you mind to edit this post title? Just to add a FIXED or Resolved Issue?)