Select tool new feature idea

The select tool is necessary, but it’s missing a feature to me. The feature is that it can rotate your drawings, any drawing if it was selected. Example of how it can look like. Example -

Suppose I need to rotate a drawing like this ball that can shoot?

@Bignoob If you have a selection, you can rotate that selection, by using the Move-tool and drag inside the selection, while holding down Ctrl.

Never knew that! thanks!

Can you help me delete this post since it is similar to other posts!

If you press on the three dots, there will be a dustbin you can press, to delete it.

@Bignoob While rotating a selection is currently possible as David mentioned, we are aware that the transformation options need a better widget for discoverability. This is actually part of Pencil2D’s roadmap already, but i’d be irresponsible of me to tell you “when” this will happen as none of us know.

Truth be told, most of the interface issues will be probably dealt when Pencil2d is approaching the mythical 1.0 version, but before that a great deal of stuff needs to be fixed, enhanced or even remade from scratch (such as the timeline).

We’ll see what happens, but for now thank you for taking the time to outline your requests. Cheers.

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