Select Tool is not working

When I use the select tool, I cannot resize what I have selected using the boxes in the corners. I also cannot move what I have selected. Is there a workaround, or a way to fix this?

@Hazelwood Hi .First off welcome to the forum.

Secondly, the select tool is only meant for “selecting” an area. Right now only rectangular selections are available.

After you’ve gauged the area you want to change, you need to use the Move Tool (Black arrow icon) to transform the selection:

  • To scale the image click & drag on the corners.
  • To rotate the image press & hold CTRL + Click inside the selection area to tilt the drawing
  • To move the image click inside the selection & drag the cut-off drawing

I hope this makes it a bit clearer. If not I’ll make some graphics to explain the process at a later time. Cheers.

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Im sorry, I must have phrased this weird. I was trying to say that, after i had selected what i wanted to, the move tool still would not function for the selected object, instead moving my view of the entire canvas.

Are you sure you’re not using the hand tool? The hand tool is the tool with the hand for an icon, and it moves the canvas as you describe. The move tool looks like a black cursor over a selection corner, and it moves the selection as @JoseMoreno describes.

Also, if you use the right mouse button, middle mouse button, or a tablet pen button mapped to either of those two buttons, the hand tool will be temporarily selected and used, regardless of what tool you have selected.


Oh, thank you, that was the issue. I didnt realize the hand icon wasnt the move tool. Thanks, yall, for the help!

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