Select shortcuts

On the ”Keyboard shortcuts” for Windows, I saw that the command ”Select All” letter is to be Ctrl+B, and the ”Delete (Clear Tool)” is Ctrl+A.
Are those commands already implemented on Pencil?
If not, I would like to make a suggestion:
”CTRL+A” uses to be for ”Select All” in most programs I knew. Ctrl+B use to be for some kind of selection.
By the way. Is there a way for Matt to implement a shortcut for altering Pencil´s size in a practical way? hitting for example CTRL while dragging the Pencil to the right (incrementing its size) or to the left (making it smaller)?


The simple feature you mentioned [CTRL] (while dragging) would speeds up drastically the production time,

it’s clearly a “must”.


you are absolutely right.
We hope Matt manage to do that