Select several layers/ frames/ visible/ all - huh?

Hey, everyone! I’ve just downloaded Pencil2D. It looks pretty simple and I think, I figured out how to work in this software. But there’s one thing missing or I didn’t find it.
Is there any way to select and modify (move, rotate, scale) several layers or several frames at a time? Or at least something like “select visible” or “select all” or something like that?
Sorry, if I repeat some existing request, but I didn’t find any informaion.=(
I’m afraid, the answer’s gonna be “there’s no such tool”, huh?%)

Hi @serp

Unfortunately as you might have suspected, there is no such feature atm. You’ll have to transform, rotate or scale each frame individually, or draw them from scratch, cause that’s the way of hand drawn animation :wink:

Nah but really, it’s an interesting idea that could get implemented in the future. Currently though we’re working on rewriting the timeline, so it’s most likely not going to happen before that’s done.