Scrubbing With arrow keys get locked out

I keep having this recurring issue with the scrubbing mechanic that uses the arrow keys. I don’t know if the problem is on my end or the kind of OS I’m running it on but scrubbing becomes unavailable if I were to adjust fps or brush width. The cursor will remain in the input box. Any tips or ways I can resolve this without restarting the application?

@Meloncloud Hey. No I think this is an issue on all systems. It seems that unless you press return / enter on the FPS input box it won’t lose focus and using the arrow keys or any other shortcut will be related to the input box. I’ve had this issue as well but I the report is pending to be submitted.

There’s also another issue when you press the play button and this one gains focus, so using the arrow keys will move from button to button, the only way i’ve found to “workaround” this is to use the shift+tab keys to cycle back so the timeline panel gains focus and you can use the shortcuts again.

This is certainly annoying as hell, but only until recently I managed to pinpoint how to reproduce the problem (before I didn’t know what was happening and had to restart the program)

I’ll definitely report all of this. For now if you need to you can change the shortcuts for the next / prev frame “scrubbing” by going to Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts and maybe try using the numpad keys (if you have them) or pg up / pg down.

For the playback problem assign a shortcut to play/stop, I use CTRL + ENTER which is the same as Flash.

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