Scrolling on the timeline in Nightly Builds

So I am creating a project that is almost 300 frames long, and I started it in version 0.5.4b-win. I downloaded a nightly build-November 3 to be exact-in hopes of being able to export videos (and the exporting seems to work fine on this nightly build. I used a short dummy animation to test it and I have no problems with the process as of now), but now my problem lies in just being able to scroll on the timeline to continue my work. By playing my animation, I can see that all of my frames were transferred, but I can only scroll to see frame 240, making it a hassle to work on my animation in the nightly build. Plz help me.

Preferences > Timeline, And then setting a higher than 240 number for frames.
That should do the trick.

@thurndiek Hey Julia, it’s as user lordyak answered. You just need to extend the timeline visualization found on the preferences dialog.

I would additionally suggest that you create a backup of your animation file, considering right now the Pencil2D team is working on the app as heavily as they can, to get a stable release ready as soon as possible, so many things might break and be fixed on the November versions. A few of these hitches might cause issues, so if you have any issue let us know.