I feel a very important and crucial feature for Pencil to have would be an option for the system to automatically save itself as well as the project you are working on. This would remove issues of losing some work while the system crashes or your computer itself shuts down while animating. Even if you consider it a less important feature to focus on, it’s definitely something that needs to be looked over and considered

@mikenunz1 Hey mike, the stable version 0.54b has an autosave feature. You can access it going to

EDIT > PREFERENCES> FILES (Icon) > Enable Autosave [] (click checkbox)

The “Number of modifications before autosaving” is pretty self-explanatory. After 15 marks you’ll get your file autosaved. You can obviously change that number. Also when you activate that without saving a first time, after 15 changes you’ll be prompted to save for the first time your file.

Hope this helps.