Saving in mp4?!

Was wondering can you save the animation in a mp4 form? like windows player vlc ect?

Hi George

Yes it is possible, goto: File->Export->Movie
There you can choose to save your animation as mp4.


This gives me a blank mp4…

@auwimo are you using the latest version of pencil2d?

@ge0rgetheviking @auwimo we found today that there’s an issue with August builds, so please use July 19th build in order to be able to export movies with sound

You can download it here: Windows 64 Bits: windows 32Bits:


@candyface I reported this bug today, it seems august builds movie export broke as seen here:

Tests were conducted on Windows, so can you confirm if this happens in MAC too? Or if it’s a windows only issue? Thanks man.

This has been fixed now, please grab the latest build from google drive (build 8-11)