Saving Directory suggestion

So I was using the software after being away for a while; when was trying to find my project, I struggled for a second trying to find out where it actually was saved to. Thankfully the open recent feature was very helpful but after searching my files I found it and moved it manually to an appropriate folder.

So my suggesting is under the file tab have the option to set directory pathing of where to save, import, and export files to and from instead of choosing manually every time you save a new project. of course if the user wants to save to a different folder they can just move the file manual or change the pathing.

btw I don’t know if this was suggested before but I did try to find anything on it and couldn’t. Also I know the devs have a lot of work already cut out for them so if this suggestion does eventually become considered, I feel making the select tool have the options of a digital art studio higher priority.

I’ve been using Pencil2D got s while, so I’ve developed a workforce that overcomes this irritation!

But I feel you have a point, and when I look back to when I was a Pencil2D novice, I see why you’ve made your suggestion!

Thank you.