Saved project file showing corrupted while opening in software

I have created a pencil 2d project file and saved properly. I was about to finish my work in one or two days but today when was opening it is that project get partially corrupted. please suggest how can I open my work now.

I’m sorry to hear this. We have written a detailed recovery guide for corrupted projects you can follow here: Pencil2D Project File Corruption Prevention / Partial Recovery Guide. With some luck you may be able to recover some of your work by following one of these recovery methods.

Please make sure in the future that you are making backups of your project, and also check to make sure you are running at least v0.6.6 of Pencil2D (you can check the version under Help > About in the top menu). Corrupted projects are unfortunately still a thing that can happen occasionally, but a partial corruption where only some frames are wiped out was a much more common issue on an older version of Pencil2D.