Rub Through

Hello !

I have this wonderful idea must share with you. In fact it’s such a useful feature it must have been suggested before :slight_smile:

Imagine you’re going to draw a man who is going to grab his hat with his left arm. You draw the whole character in frame one and you skip over to frame two. You have the onion skin on and you can see the previous frame. You then draw the left hand in the next position grabbing the hat you’re pleased with the hand and now you select the “rub through” tool and like a rubber you rub over the remaining parts of the character which of course copies the drawing from the previous frame, the frame which the onion skin show. Faster animating :slight_smile:

That sounds amazing! That truly is a great Idea. I hope someone picks up on this that can implement it in Pencil. That would be really neat.

that’s a really interesting idea, and one that sounds like a real time saver. I was wondering if it might also be affected by which onion skin is enabled. If both skins are visible, i guess it would have to default to using the previous frame, but it might be handy to have the ability to rub in from the next frame if that onion skin is the only one enabled.


Yes indeed it need to be like that. It would help a lot drawing inbetweens, for example pressing shift,ctrl or alt could toggle if copying from next or previous frame.