Response to nanopictures1423

Hi @nanopictures1423 Thank you for your interest in Pencil2D. Right now you’re writing an update which is hard to be seen by other members. I urge you to post any questions directly in the forum

Now, Pencil2D is a software that has to be downloaded and executed. To download it you have to go here:

Once you’ve downloaded the ZIP file which is a bag-like file that contains all the necessary components to make Pencil2D work, you have to right click on the downloaded file and extract its contents ona folder of your choice.

Once extracted inside a folder go and find the pencil.exe file and double click on it. This will execute your app file and Pencil2D will open.

Afterward try to play with it as you would with pencil and paper. Any other questions please make a thread and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Cheers.