[RESOLVED] What are these funtions for: Contours, Invisible ?

Hi people,

I need a great deal of help from you guys/girls :slight_smile:

The manual is not very clear about that. On a particular vector-layer, it says, the check-box “invisible” must be selected in order to hide the pencil-tool lines.
I have done it but the lines keeps appearing.
So, the question is simple, how to use them properly? Or is it a bug?..

[For those who knows pencil well, here another question: does the “pencil tool” change SIZEs on a “vector-layer”? I came to a conclusion that on vector layers it is used just for adding some special effects, like shadows, allowing a closed shape to be filled with different colours. And that the pencil line will not be showed on the final image.
is this correct?]

Not sure about that. I thought I understood that there is a tool to draw invisible lines (so you can draw shapes and fill them with a color) which you can set to “invisible” at the end (like pics 5&6)

But this has to be confirmed as I did not try that already…
Anyone ?

I am not able to reproduce the last image with subtle red inside the skin colour

@kaiko : maybe this is not possible yet, it comes from the document The vision for Pencil (by Pascal Naidon), where he explained what he wanted to achieve for Pencil.