[RESOLVED] REQUEST: another name for the "TOOLCLEAR" tool

It is kind of ambiguous and confused to have a tool called CLEAR, and another one called TOOLCLEAR on the Edit > Preferences > Shorcuts >
… and the tool TOOLCLEAR is also called CLEAR on another situation…

[The TOOLCLEAR tool is the one that is named CLEAR under TOOLS on the Main Menu bar]

If the two tools are indeed needed to be there, then I would suggest to change the name of the CLEAR tool (under TOOLS bar) to ClearFrame, for that is precisely what this tool does :slight_smile:

EDITED: was very confusing, sorry about that

That would definitely be a good idea, because i got confused just reading this =o)

jeje that was funny

Issued https://github.com/pencil2d/pencil/issues/93