[REQUEST] Is there a way to lock the windows?

What I mean by locking the windows is keeping the layout from being able to move, it’s really annoying when I’m drawing and i accidentally move the window or whatever and mess up my zoom.

I looked around options but i couldn’t find anything.

@charmly Hi!, hmm so far I don’t think Pencil has such option to lock, but it’s a good idea! I’ll tag this as a feature request and hopefully it shouldn’t be that hard to implement. If you’re having trouble everytime after you moved a window remember to quickly go to menu VIEW > RESET WINDOWS. And to reset your Zoom you can go to the same menu VIEW > RESET ZOOM/ ROTATE or press CTRL+H

Also in the new Nightly Builds you have a ZOOM COUNTER in the bottom left of the information bar, to know exactly which zoom% you’re in at any moment.

Hopefully the feature you speak in can be made possible soon! Cheers.