Report button I think you should add

(Phoenix) #1

I think on pencil2d there should be a report button just in case someone does something or posts an animation that’s a bit rude or something like that or is there a report buttton right now

(Jose Moreno) #2

@Super_pickle On each post there’s a Three-dotted button left to the “reply” button. That one expands your options, and you can “flag” a post so the system puts it into sort of a cautionary mode and any admin can review it. Since you’ve tagged a “solution” in other topics of yours, I’m sure you’re familiar with that button

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If you mean you want to report a person directly I’ll ask the webmaster later on to discuss it, however I think it’s setup that way to avoid intentional abuse because we used to have a LOT of daily spammers and ad trolls in the old forum and it was a nightmare to deal with them so now the system takes care of most of it all, and it does such a good job that we’ve barely had to flag anything in months.

As for rudeness, well most people get frustrated when Pencil2D fails them and they can express themselves if they feel enraged, but fortunately, so far, we haven’t had any issues with that on the forum at least, and I think that the system also filters cuss words (but i’m not sure so don’t quote me on that) :wink:

Thank you for your suggestion!

(Phoenix) #3

Thanks you for telling me that I will report any posts that are rude///rude animations