Removing Audio clip crashes program

In the Nightly Build March 8 2022, the program crashes anytime when trying to remove an audio clip.

@JoeyH Hey, thanks for the report. Question: Do you have a lot of sound clips in your file? I mentioned this before but is there any way you can share the file privately so I can pass it to the devs?

This seems to mostly happen when I have overlapping sounds on one track, but even if there are more tracks there sometimes are still crashes. Also, when I try to remove a clip that starts on the first frame. Here is a test file I created in the nightly build I’m using (03/08/2022):

Sound busted.pclx (612.1 KB)

Thank you very much!

It’s probably the same cause as this issue: Pencil2D crashing after deleting sound layer · Issue #1659 · pencil2d/pencil · GitHub. We have no fix for it currently, and none of the devs can reproduce it on their computers, so it is next to impossible to fix. We will find some solution to it before releasing the next stable version though since it’s a pretty serious issue.

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Thank you for your care!

@scribblemaniac Just managed to crash the app with a January nightly build version and the latest march version with the file provided by Joey.

  1. Open the file
  2. Immediately select to Sound layer 1
  3. Move the playhead to visual beginning of the frame (if you select it the visualization will become skewed as i’ve reported in the past; this is another bug related to sound layers)
  4. Crash 100%

The crash didn’t occur with the first layer from bottom to top, but did happen when I deleted the second frame from the second layer. I have a lot of work this week so I’ll test during the weekend, or at night If I have the time.

I believe you, but unfortunately I can’t get the latest nightly build to crash at all with that file on Linux.

Is it a Windows-only bug? Maybe JoseMoreno is using windows instead of Linux… I don’t know if that’s how this works or not.

@Joy Sorry didn’t see your last reply. Yes I believe it’s a Windows only bug considering the reports have come from Windows users and as Scribblemaniac mentioned, the devs can’t reproduce the bug like us under Linux nor macOS.

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I’ve got a .pclx file with 2 sound files in it. There is another layer with a single empty frame.

When I want to delete a sound file if I select the start of the file and press the delete button Pencil2D crashes!

If I select the end frame and press the delete button it does not crash.

If I then use the undo function I can then select any frame and press the delete button, including the first one and it doesn’t crash!

This sequence doesn’t happen for any subsequent occasions when you edit the same sound file, but if you edit another the same sequence of problems occur.

My thoughts are that once you’ve exited a sound file you have changed an internal variable and that the problem lies in the lack of initialization of that variable.

Adding to the previous report. If you have a .pclx file with 1 sound file loaded, if you place the frame pointer away from position 1 of the sound file, then it deletes it without a problem.

If you them attempt to use Edit Undo, at this point Pencil2D crashes.

You can however use the pointer to re-import the file this does not cause a crash!

@AnimatorElisa Thank you for your report. We are currently investigating this issue to find a way to fix it.

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