Redo shortcut (ctrl + y) glitch

There is a problem with ctrl+y, the thing is first it does not work. When I came across this, I checked preferences and found that ctrl + y was the shortcut to redo. After closing preferences, ctrl + y worked again, but after restarting Pencil2d, I need to open up preferences again to get it to work and it does not work on startup- Please look into this

Welcome, coolDan! Sometimes you may have to click the “redo” button under the “Edit” menu first, and then continue redoing until you have the result you wanted to get to. This is a bug that seems to have different ways of behaving depending on what version you are using (but I may be wrong). Above is just how I solve the problem until it’s fixed. Try it and please tell us if it works.

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@CoolDan @JoeyH Hey. Yeah this is a bug and an annoying one at that. It’s been in the app ever since I remember.

The real issue is that the first time you want to redo every time you open the software for the first time in your daily work it will NOT redo an action correctly. So as Joey mentioned one has to manually activate it by going to Edit > Redo, only then you’ll be able to redo with the shortcut.

On the other hand let me tell you I found another issue related to the Undo that is important to be aware of.

If you draw strokes over various frames (like if you’re animating a fly or particle), if you undo more than 2 times, undoing beyond that will delete the drawings completely. This has already been reported but I just wanted to caution you beforehand.

The undo/redo system is being completely remade so these minor (but very annoying) issues might not change soon, or at least not until this new system is implemented, but to be honest I have no idea when this will be likely to occur since it depends on the developer’s availability since they we’re all volunteers. For now we’ll have to wait :sweat:

Thank you for making me aware of the other glitch- I will be cautious from now on :)


@CoolDan No problem, actually one of the devs had time last week and after they saw this thread and I submitted the report they fixed your first issue, you can test it in any development build after Jan 12th found in our specific webpage to provide feedback in case something else is pending.

The other issue I mentioned is still there but they’re already aware so hopefully it’s just a matter of time.

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