Red Comet always mean the Dragons

Done with Pencil and MovieMaker (sound)

This is little film about alternative History of Westeros (Game of Thrones) and what happen in my opinion when Red Comet was fallen long time ago and brought in Westeros the White Walkers, Targariens and dragons.

Sorry, the subtitles in russian but I will translate it soon on image.

-Lord Commander?
-What I must to say to Our Queen?
-Told her we will be late…
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PC - I don’t know how to paste the video in the message, not only link on Youtube.

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@ariadna You only need to paste the link directly for the video to become embedded don’t use the link option itself. I edited your message to let the video be edited. Thanks for sharing your work!

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Thank you gratefully!
One question - I’ve made subtitles pages with FireAlpaca in separate images, then pasted them to the project. If the Pencil will be have option to edit the text? It will be very commode!
Thank you

@ariadna One day we hope to have a text tool, for now It’s better if you use a video editor with text capabilities to handle the text dinamically.

You could also try using Synfig ( since it has a text tool and you can create smoother transitions for images.

Synfig is very complicated for me. I can draw only Pencil, PaintNET or FireAlpaca :slight_smile: