Quick question from Newbie user: adding inbetween frames

I’m having some problems with adding frames. If I want to add an frame between 4F and 5F and press the +Frame key, it adds a frame - to the end of the timeline!

How do I get the frame where I want it, namely between 4 and 5?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @mzpip,

You can’t add a keyframe on a frame that doesn’t exists, and since there is no frame between 4 and 5, Pencil2D adds the frame on the next vacant frame.

You’ve got to move keyframe 5, and perhaps other keyframes, one frame ahead, before adding a frame after frame 4.

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@mzpip It’s exactly as David mentioned. In the future there will be a feature to do this automatically (add the empty frame first) but right now you have to phisically move the keyframe to make space for the new inbetween drawing.

OK; thanks so much for getting back to me on this!

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