Question about drawing tablets

Uh, may I ask if there’s any drawing tablet that is known that Pencil 2D doesn’t work with?

My brother was talking about how drawing tablets might not work with many programs… I’ve been looking into drawing graphic tablets. and my brother found these two. I know I may ask too much, but, I only would like an opinion if Huion worked with Pencil 2d and Windows 8. Can I ask you this? Please, maybe.

@DimondCry Hey. Hmm to be honest I’ve never used HUION before. I’ve seen reviews where they say that its a great graphics tablet and comparatively cheaper too.

I know WACOM works with Pencil2D, and I think HUION does too since @CandyFace has one (if im mistaken please correct me), we’ve had reports that UGEE tablets do not work properly with the software and others say the do. In reality it’s kind of a hit and miss thing.

My only actual advice is. If you can test the tablet beforehand, try using Pencil2D on a USB memory stick (remember P2D is portable :smiley: ) and try it out at your hardware store vendor / friend’s house / etc in order to confirm if works as you intend to.

Normally if a tablet works or doesn’t work is because of their own drivers, not because of the hardware itself, so you gotta keep the drivers updated to ensure it works with standard painting software.

@JoseMoreno while I can’t say whether it goes for all their tablets, especially the monitor ones, my Huion K58 worked the last time I tested it.

I also own a Artisul D13 which also works fine with Pencil2D.