Procreate users, pencil2D users, help…

Ok, so, when I’m animating, it usually looks very hand drawn. All the animation coagulates and shapeshifts in between frames and it looks like a mess. I’m order to avoid this to a certain degree, is there a way in Pencil2D to hand select or select a portion of the drawing (like in procreate) and move it frame by frame kinda like stop motion instead of having to erase and redraw every detail for a new frame so it doesn’t look like a mess?

Cuz I wanna make my character Mark peek from a corner but I don’t wanna make it look sloppy.

Thanks in advance.

I have done something like this in my experiments. It is a bit complicated. Here are the steps.

  1. Use the Select tool (V) and select the portion you want by dragging on the screen. You would make a rectangular selection (dashed rectangle) so there might be extra bits. We will fix that later.
  2. Copy (CtRL-C) the selection.
  3. Add a frame and Paste (CTRL-V) your selection. A copy of your selection would appear in the new frame.
  4. While the selection remained (the dashed rectangle) use the Move tool (M) on your selection. You can now drag the selection to where ever you want by dragging the inside of the selection box. Pressing Shift while dragging restrict the movements to only go horizontal and vertical. Pressing CTRL while dragging rotates your selection. Dragging the corners of the selection box scales the selection. Tip: If you lost your selection. Just create a new one. Choose the Select tool (V) and select an area. Just be mindful that your copied stuff would be pasted into the selection and only stuff in the selection are affected by the transformation.
  5. Erase (E) anything you don’t need.

Tip: Animate Mark on his own Layer.

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I do a similar thing (if not the same thing) as Ralmon there, where I copy the part I want to change to a separate layer (I call it the Draft layer), color it in red, move it, rotate it, etc. Then I can keep the proportions correct in whatever I’m doing by tracing the next frame over it:


(I rarely scale my drafts because I primarily use a sort of orthographic view in my scenes, but for most people, it’s very important)

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This is called Shift And Trace technique. Most animation software have dedicated features for this.